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Library STARS
(Students Transforming Anglia Ruskin Services)

Our Library STARS programme is for you if you:
  • Are keen to contribute to changing and improving the student experience at ARU
  • Can spend some time each month responding to our questions, giving your input on our projects or testing some of our online systems and services (usually online or by email, sometimes in person if you can)
  • Are interested in being involved in UX (User Experience) research techniques
  • Would like to develop your professional and information skills

How to join Library STARS

Just fill out the form.
We'll get in touch to confirm you're part of the scheme.

How to participate

We'll contact you by email with details of projects we'd like you to participate in. On average we'll send you one each month.
There's no obligation to participate every month (we know things get busy and you have deadlines!), but we really appreciate your input.
If you're particularly interested in libraries and information work and would like to participate further (eg through work shadowing or being involved in analysing the results of research we carry out) - let us know and we'll see what opportunities can be made available to you.

What happens when I leave ARU?

We check when you're due to graduate, and will usually contact you before then. If you've participated regularly in our programme, we'd be happy to provide you with a reference.
If for any reason you leave ARU and are still getting emails from us, just let us know and we'll remove you from our records.

Any other questions?

Just get in touch and say it's about the library STARS programme.

Want to sign up?

Complete the form below:
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