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Feedback Fortnight:

10 November 2017

Let us know how we're doing

The idea for a Feedback Fortnight is to help us focus on gathering customer feedback through lots of mini activities in years when we're not running the big Library survey (LibQUAL+).

Does this mean we don’t want or get feedback for the other 50 weeks of the year? Oh no! We get feedback throughout the year and we love it!

So what sort of things will you see us doing?

  • “Let us know how your visit to the University Library went today” – nice and easy, just place a button in one of the tubs to let us know how you feel about your trip to the library today and we'll count up the buttons in each one at the end.

Feedback buckets with buttons











  • “How did we do today? Please circle how you felt about the way we worked with you today” – a simple (some say, ‘simplistic’) survey method! But it gives a quick response and some quantitative data.
  • “Describe the University Library in one sentence”  - using a Graffiti board where customers can write answers to this simple yet profound request. In the second week we’ll add some excitement with
  • “Describe the University Library in one word – play nicely”  - using a Graffiti board. Thanks to Christian Lauersen for the idea.

Photo of feedback wall















  • We are sending follow-up emails to everyone who has booked a one–to–one with us in the last 6 months:
    • Book-A-Librarian
    • Book-An-IT-Support-Adviser
    • Any online query to the University Library
  • We will be working with some customers to look at the navigation elements of our website
  • We will be promoting Library STARS and looking to work more interactively with a group of students who we know by name!
  • We will be conducting short interviews with students outside the library to see whether they use the University Library (virtually and physically!)

Once it’s all over we will feedback to our customers on the outcome of our investigation in to opening hours and above.

~ Norman Boyd, User Experience and Quality Coordinator, University Library

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