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Library STARS:

14 November 2017

Students Transforming Anglia Ruskin Services


3 things you need to know – What’s it all about? What do you get out of it? What does the Library get out of it?

We are always busy in the University Library and always coming up with new ways of helping us all to work and study (and relax!) better in the Library.

We’d like your ideas but this is no survey – not even a Focus Group – although we don’t mind using them in the right place and at the right time. This is more of an interactive way of you developing ideas and us hearing what you have to say.

For example, we recently created some new posters to promote our e-resources and asked our Library STARS for their feedback; we are always trying new ways of tackling an eternal problem which is noise that disturbs users, and suspect you have some ideas about this too.

Do you think you can help us (and you and your fellow students)? We would send you emails, chat with you and even get you doing the work for us at times – well, you know more about studying in 2017 than most of us do (although some of our staff are also studying!)

Get in contact – I’m Norman Boyd and my job title is User Experience and Quality Coordinator – quite a mouthful. I’d like to hear from you. Email me letting me know 1) why you’d be interested and 2) what you hope to gain – despite having loads of questions, I’m sure! We’ll reply to you individually and we’ll ask you to work with us directly but sometimes in a group.

I look forward to working with you.


And now for the detail!


Library STARS is a programme offering students an opportunity to work with the University Library to develop existing and new library services, and to develop their own professional and information skills. The programme’s goals are:

  • To create a better University Library
  • To support the library in developing its website and online resources
  • To test new services and provide feedback
  • To help develop our marketing and communication methods
  • To be Library ambassadors providing information and tours during Induction, Open Days and other events

The programme also affords the opportunity to learn more about services offered by other university departments and the opportunity to earn some extra money on occasion.


Career Development

  • Participants will receive a Reference for their work with the library
  • Enhance your CV with multiple transferable skills
  • Interviewing skills (experience sitting on one of our interview panels for new staff) and how to improve your job applications


  • Have chance to attend Learning Hours alongside library staff (our rolling programme last year included sessions on Escape Rooms, Wellbeing, Biodiversity Walk, Fairtrade and Recycling)
  • Training programme for Networking and Effective Communication

Research Skills

  • Have access to in-depth one to one IT/ Study/ Research skills training
  • Learn how to use techniques such as User eXperience research, Card sorts, De Bono’s thinking hats and other qualitative research methods and ideation techniques
  • Experience proofreading surveys and be involved in analysing the results

Work Experience

  • Opportunity to gain Library work experience or work shadowing opportunities


You will be required to be involved in up to ten hours of voluntary work. You will be paid when working as a Library ambassador and for longer project work. Other training opportunities are open to all and it is up to individuals as to what they wish to participate in.
The work will be via various methods:

  • Face to face – especially for a half day induction
  • Email
  • Skype
  • Online Surveys
  • Online quizzes
  • Chat room

Application Process

Recruitment method is by email. (Previous applicants do not need to re-apply)

We welcome applications from all 3 sites.

Email 1) why you’d be interested and 2) what you hope to gain to Norman Boyd -

Contact us to see if we have spaces

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