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New ARRO Deposit Processs

13 February 2019

Fresh changes for Research Support in 2019

We’re now one and a half months in to the new year, and we’ve already made some big changes in Research Support.

Last month we changed the deposit process for the ARRO open access repository. ARRO will remain online and available as always, but we now require all ARRO deposits to be mediated through our Symplectic research information system.

If you’re a researcher and this is the first you’ve heard of this change, or if you’ve been informed but aren’t really sure what it’s all about or how to deposit, then we’ve written a guide on the Library website. Please feel free to read through it, or contact us directly if you like.

The changeover has gone well so far, and we had quite a few early adopters of Symplectic deposit last year. This was during the period June-December, after we first enabled deposit to ARRO via Symplectic. At the time, we decided to keep both the old and new deposit routes open simultaneously for a trial period. Thank you to those early adopters for helping us to learn more about how the new deposit process worked in practice.

Now that we’ve turned off direct deposit in ARRO, we’ve seen more colleagues get to grips with Symplectic and use it to deposit their papers in what has been a smooth switch overall. We haven’t had any major issues, so we think that means we’ve made the right decision!

The rationale for the change was that we wanted everyone to use their Symplectic profile to its full potential. Symplectic offers a comprehensive overview of all research activity for an individual, and you can easily see what has and hasn’t been deposited to ARRO. Another reason was that deposit via Symplectic is more user-friendly. We wanted open access and REF to be as burden-free for people as possible, and decided that Symplectic offers a much more streamlined deposit functionality than ARRO itself. We hope everyone agrees!

Our next step for 2019 is to work on implementing a brand new Research Data Management platform for ARU. Progress is well underway, so watch this space!

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