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Snacks whilst you study (ground floor only)

22 November 2019

What did you say?

Here are some of the views you gave:
"Great to be allowed sensible snacks as it helps my concentration!"
"How long does it really take to walk downstairs and eat? Breaks are necessary for proper concentration."
"Food on the ground level is perfect! More of a social area to eat - upper levels big no no !!!! - quiet zone and silent zone needs to stay quiet - food and it’s wrapping = noise 😬😬😬😬"
"I took my own food in before this started and I'll keep doing it regardless"
"Can we be allowed to eat on all floors please"
"I think it's important to make others aware of food allergies though
"We should be allowed to eat anything in the study rooms as long as we clean up"
"Good idea for the ground floor. Even before this was introduced people broke the rule already by eating secretly. Hopefully people will clean there surroundings after eating coz it makes marks on keyboards or mouse, makes it dirty."
"We all need food- could just go to the cafe though?! Is nowhere sacred?"
"It's a library, not a café"

How can you help?

You can help by respecting the views of others and only eating snacks whilst you study on the ground floor.
Please keep this to cold snacks, no hot or messy food, please.
Please remember to clear up after yourself and put rubbish into the correct bin or take it home.

Where can I go to eat a meal or hot, smelly or messy food?

At Cambridge: Try Helmore café, the Student Union, Open Access computing areas or seating around campus.
At Chelmsford: try the Rivermead cafe, The Link, 92 or other food outlets nearby the campus.

What if someone is disturbing me when I'm studying?

Whether its food, mess or noise on the upper floors or smelly, messy or hot food on the ground floor please let us know either in person or the text a talker service on:
At Cambridge text 0784 716 8896
At Chelmsford text 0750 725 5468

Why can't I have snacks in the library at Peterborough?

The Library is very near to alternative social spaces where you can study and eat.
Why can't I just eat anything anywhere!
We want to create a positive study environment for all. This means having clear zones for things as not everyone wants others eating around them when they study.
Other people find hot, smelly and messy foods a distraction when they are studying and some people wanted to keep the library a completely food free place. Allowing cold snacks on the ground floor is the reasonable compromise.
Taking a study break for a meal is good for your wellbeing.

Remember: (Cambridge and Chelmsford)
Snacks whilst you study ground floor only.
Upper floors remain food free zones.
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