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University Library Strategy 2015-2018


Our strategy is structured around five core strands or areas of strategic focus, each identifying a set of key aims or priorities. It is informed by our University's Corporate Plan, related strategies and the wider environment in which our University operates.

The strategy will be reviewed each year and translated into an annual operational plan as part of a rolling programme of development. The plan is developed on a collaborative basis through divisional and team meetings with its activities and projects monitored by the Library Management Team.

Our key stakeholders are our students, studying on or off campus, our researchers and academic staff and we recognise that our online support and digital collections are as important as the provision of space, physical collections and support on campus.

Strand 1
Develop and sustain our collections in an evolving digital environment
  • Provide collections that are relevant, cost effective and that meet the needs of our teaching, learning and research strategies.
  • Ensure our information resources are visible, discoverable and as easy to access as possible.
Strand 2
Expand and strengthen our role in learning, teaching and academic support
  • Support information, research and digital literacy skills within the curriculum.
  • Continue to develop our helpdesk and enquiry services to support our users on and off campus.
  • Maintain close relationships with faculties and other support services to anticipate the need for resources and academic support.
Strand 3
Develop and enhance our role within our research community
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to support our University's Research and Scholarship Strategy.
  • Provide specialist research support services, advice and training to our research community.
Strand 4
Engagement and Enhancement
  • Take an evidence-based approach to improving our users' experience of library provided space and services.
  • Increase our visibility and profile across our university, ensuring a greater awareness of the range of services and support we provide.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to explore new ways of securing student engagement with our services and activities.
Strand 5
Foster an innovative, supportive and enabling culture
  • Ensure that our working practices, processes and systems are transparent, robust, efficient and effective.
  • Encourage our staff to take a pro-active approach to service development and the needs of our users.
  • Maintain a learning environment within which our staff can develop, acquire new skills and fulfil their potential.
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