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Getting accessible books/journal articles

How to get copies of reading material that are accessible if you have a visual or print impairment.

NOTE: a 'visual' or 'print' impairment includes (and is not limited to) the following:
  • Blindness
  • Dyslexia
  • Partial Sightedness

Please see our Make it accessible page for information on how to access resources in a different format.
For reading list items you can request copies, put into accessible reading lists via the RNIB Bookshare. Your subject librarian can arrange this for you.

Wider Reading

For resources that are not part of the Library's collection that you wish to access as part of your research. The British Library, through the Inter Library Loan (ILL) service can provide accessible items for users who are print impaired.

For assistance with placing an ILL please contact the ILL team for more help and advice. They can be contacted at: Please state what format you need the request in in the free text note box of the form.

Steps for finding useful resources within the University Library systems.

Use Library Search to look for suitable items.

Is it available as a digitised abstract on the Reading Lists @ Anglia service or via a Canvas module? If not accessible, they can be e-mailed to the student.

If it is a book - is it available electronically? If not, get in touch - we can try to purchase it or make other arrangements.

Should the book not be available electronically - we can use the digitisation service to digitise a chapter of the book. This can be done as part of the module's reading list - making it available for all students on that course to use.

Should you be print impaired, we should be able to obtain a PDF copy of the text from the publishers for you to use.

Please note that for this to be successful, the following needs to be considered:
  • The book's publisher may only provide a digital copy, if either the University Library or the student own a copy of the text.
  • The title has been published since 2000. Books before then may not be available.
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