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Physical access to University Library Cambridge

Travelling and parking information for the Cambridge Campus can be found on the ARU Website.

The Library entrance is located inside the Mumford Building.
  • Your ID card is required to enter and exit through the entrance gates.
  • An extra wide entrance gate enables access for persons in a wheelchair or other accessibility devices.
  • Please ask the colleague at the Library Reception desk if you need assistance

Toilet facilities are outside the library, opposite the library entrance next to Lecture Theatre Lab026.

Guide dogs and assistance dogs are permitted in the library.

Hearing loops are available at the Reception Desk and Help Desk.

Assistive resources: document holders, book holders, writing slopes, coloured overlays, and baskets to carry books available from the Library Reception Desk.

Fire exits: at the rear of the Group Study area, by the lift, where there is also a fire safety area.

Study Rooms are all available to book and have a PC and a screen
  • Rooms 1 and 2 Ground Floor
  • Rooms 3, 4, and 5 First floor (room 3 is temporarily without a PC and screen)
  • Rooms 6, 7, 8 and 10 Second Floor

Height adjustable tables:
  • Ground floor has two tables with PCs available in Mum012 and one table with a Digital Library Terminal near the printers in the rear part of the Group Study area
  • First floor has one by the windows near Science Building, one further along that wall in the corner of the outer study area and one below the yellow wall stating "Quiet Zone". There is also one by the Primary Source Collection
  • Second Floor has one with a Digital Library Terminal by the stairs and one in Study Room 6
  • Third floor has one one with a PC and another in the study area near the lift, and at the other end of the floor there is one with a CCTV magnifier for enlarging the text of books along and two others.

The lift can be used to access all floors, announces each floor.
If you need assistance on the upper floors then please use the Help Phone by the lift.
Page Last Reviewed: 4th August 2023 by Ros Francis.