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Good Library Citizenship

The University Library is a resource for all members of our University community. Every individual and group using it should show respect for the rights and needs of others, and for the library as a study environment. Our University expects that students will behave in a way which is not disruptive to others in all study areas.

Most people in our community are good library citizens, but sometimes there is behaviour which is selfish, disruptive or inappropriate. In such cases we will take the following steps:
  • We will ask those responsible to stop the behaviour, or move to a suitable area.
  • If the behaviour persists or is serious, we will ask for a University identity card* and record the details in an incident report form.
  • Those who do not have a University identity card, refuse to show it, or are uncooperative in any other way, will be required to leave the premises immediately.
We will assess each incident reported to us and follow the appropriate course of action. This may include:
  • Writing to individuals to caution them**
  • Requiring individuals to meet with a senior member of staff to account for their behaviour
  • Informing the relevant course tutor or academic manager
  • Invoking the disciplinary procedure
  • Referring criminal matters (e.g. theft, damage, violent or threatening behaviour) to the police
Please let us know if you experience any form of anti-social behaviour in the library, and we will take action.

* The Rules, regulations and procedures for students require students to carry their identity card at all times while on University premises and produce it if any member of staff or other authorised person asks to see it.

** Incident reports and correspondence relating to them may be retained for a period of four years.

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