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Want to request an item on loan or at another campus?

You can request items beyond those available on the shelf at your library. For example: items available at a different campus.

You cannot request multiple copies of the same title or titles which you already have on loan.

Want to request up to a chapter from a book or an article held in the library to be scanned and sent to you?

If you only want one chapter of a book or an article held in the library that is not already available online, you can request it to be scanned and sent to you by email using the PDF Scan service.

Only one chapter of a book or one article from a copy of a journal may be scanned under Copyright Law. Any requests made for more than one chapter/article (from the same copy of the journal) will be cancelled to meet Copyright Law.

How do I request and item?

Log into the library website, and search for the item you want. Click 'Find in Library' under the item. If it's not on the shelf at your library, then click 'Request' or 'PDFSCan'.
You can just go to the shelf, find and borrow any item you want which shows as on the shelf in your library, you do not need to request it.

How do I cancel a request?

If you no longer need the item you have requested, you can cancel it from your library account. You can read our FAQ on how to cancel a reservation. If you are unable to cancel the request, ask us and we will be able to help.

How long does it take?

When the item is on the shelf at another library, it will be sent to your library for you to collect as soon as possible. There are regular deliveries between campuses, and it can take up to a week (five working days) for your request to arrive.
If you request an item out on loan it may take a week longer to allow for the person to return the item.
Please ask library staff if you have any queries.

When is it available?

You will get an email as soon as the item is available for you to collect. You can also see the status of your requests from your library account.

Requests are available on the Request collection shelf at each campus. You need to collect them within 7 days.

If you need longer to collect the item, wait until near the end of the 7 day period and ask us. We will give you longer to collect if no-one is waiting for a copy.

Remember to bring your ID to borrow the item on the self-service machine when you collect it.

What does recall mean?

Recall means you need to return an item you currently have on loan as soon as possible, as another person has requested it. You will have 7 days to return it, unless the item is already due back sooner, in which case the earlier date still applies.

Recall Q&A

Q: What happens when an item I have on loan is requested by another user?
A: We will email you to ask you to return the item and will provide a new due date.

Q: Why is the date changed? My Library Receipt - Items Borrowed email says I have it for 3 weeks, can I keep the item until the original date it was due?
A: As the receipt says, "you will be asked to return an item if it has been requested. You need to return an item with 7 days' notice if it is recalled." This is to get items in demand to the next person as quickly as possible. You will have 7 days to return it.

Q: Why is my copy recalled and not someone else?
A: If there are several copies the item recalled is the one that has been on loan longest.

Q: Is every copy on loan recalled?
A: Only one is recalled. The other customers will be unable to renew their copy. These other customers with copies will then have to return their copy or renew it themselves as the item will not auto renew once an item has been requested.

Q: What if someone else brings a copy back?
A: If another item comes back sooner then we will tell you by email that you no longer need to bring the item back. We will also renew it for you.

Q: What happens if I don't return the item by the due date?
A: You will be charged 50p per day the item is overdue, to the maximum fine of £10.
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