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Laptop Loans

About the service

No laptop, or left it at home? Want a choice of where to study?

You can now borrow a laptop from our self-service machine on the ground floor at both Cambridge and Chelmsford. We offer 36 laptops for loan at Cambridge and 12 laptops at Chelmsford.

Laptops can be borrowed for up to 3 hours, and can be used anywhere on campus.
Please return your laptop on time to avoid overdue charges, which are £2 per hour or part of an hour.

The three hour loan period is necessary so that the laptop can be re-charged.
Laptops must be plugged in and the locker door closed for the laptop to be logged as returned by the machine.

Laptops are not available to staff or partner students to borrow.

If you have any feedback about the service, let us know through our Feedback Blog, Twitter, or any of our help desks.

Hints & Tips

Why do we need to tap our ID card twice?

For security reasons you have to tap the cabinet that the laptop locker is in to ensure you are the one getting to the locker and someone else does not pick up your laptop loan!

Printing from a laptop

To print from a laptop use the wireless printing service via Don't forget to check if you have money to print in your print account and you can add money via the internet at

The loan period of three hours is not enough time!

The three hour loan period is necessary so that the laptop can be re-charged. If you are using a laptop intensively e.g. watching a video, the power will not last for 4 hours. If you return a laptop to charge it and another is available you can take that instead.

Returning laptops on time – Don't leave it till the last minute!

We suggest you come to return your laptop 5 minutes before it is due in case there is a queue at the machine. We need the laptops to come back on time so that they can be re-charged and ready for the next user so we charge a fine if they are late. Don't forget to plug in the laptop when you return it or the machine won't know it is returned!
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