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Referencing is a key skill you need to demonstrate good academic practice. You must provide references for everything you use to write your assignments. A reference provides the reader with all the information needed to accurately identify the original source of the authors you have quoted or paraphrased.

You will be taught how to reference as part of your course. Depending on what referencing style you are being taught with, you might find the following pages useful:
Whichever style is preferred, you must use it consistently throughout your assignment. You should check in your module guide or with your lecturer/course leader before you begin your work to ensure you are using the right referencing style.

What we can do in the library

  • we can help you understand general principles of referencing using the style guides linked from this page
  • we can show you how to use a reference manager such as RefWorks

What we can't do

We cannot correct your written work. Check the Academic Regulations to ensure your work is compliant. You can visit the Study Skills Plus Canvas page for guidance on academic writing.

Where can you get help?

Contact the library for further help.
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