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When the Library is open for self-service only...

You can:
  • Borrow and return items using the self-service machines
  • Borrow and return laptops using the self-service machine
  • Renew and request books online
  • Print, copy and scan
  • Use computers for Word, email, internet etc
  • Have access to books, journals, DVD's, and other items from the shelves and online resources
  • Pay fines using the web payment
  • Text-a-talker
  • Use the study space in line with that zone

Please do alert the security officer of any problems.

The following services are only available during our staffed hours:
  • Assistance from library staff (helpdesk and book-a-librarian or book-a-library guide)
  • Borrow an item which is 'ask at desk'
  • Collect interlibrary loan requests
  • Have books issued if the self-service machine blocks borrowing an item.
Page Last Reviewed: 23rd November 2023 by Diane Hilton.