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Cookies are small text files stored on your device (desktop, tablet, mobile phone etc.) by your device's web browser. They relate to a specific site and can be used to enhance that site's functionality and your interaction with it; they may also be used for usage tracking, research, targeting etc.

ARU uses cookies for a number of purposes including (but not limited to):

  • the logging on process for registered users
  • to help ensure the security and authenticity of registered users
  • to monitor how our Site is used, to plan improvements to user experience, and
  • to enhance the functionality of the Site.

In the case of the Digital Library cookies are an essential technical device which connect you to the information resources and services you have searched for and ensure that you have uninterrupted access. We link to other external services e.g. publishers websites; where possible we've opted to limit their use of cookies, however these services are beyond ARU's control and their cookie usage will be subject to their individual privacy policies.

Cookies set by our site are as follows:

Cookie name Purpose Expiry More information
PHPSESSID This cookie is set as part of our Site's core successful operation, ensuring delivery of requested pages. At the end of the browsing session. It is not possible to opt-out of receiving this cookie.
__utma Google Analytics cookies. These cookies help us measure how our visitors use our site. The data collected by the cookie is entirely anonymous. This cookie helps us determine how many visitors we have to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and which pages are most popular with visitors. We use this data to plan and prioritise improvements to our website. 2 years from set/update. The Google Analytics developer resource provides comprehensive information about these cookies.
__utmb 30 minutes from set/update.
__utmz 6 months from set/update.
acopendivids Provides display and other functionality for our website. At the end of the browsing session.  
oaid Contains Authentication Tokens for Library Resources. At the end of the browsing session.  
_shibsessid_ This cookie is set as part of our Site's core successful operation ensuring delivery of requested pages At the end of the browsing session.  
PDS_Handle Contains Authentication Tokens for Library account access At the end of the browsing session.  
allowlibcookie Checks to see if the user has already had the Cookie Opt Out Message displayed 6 months from set/update.  
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