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Booking a Study Space

You can book a study room or pod at Cambridge or Chelmsford to study in.

  • Click on Book a study space (you will need your University Username & Password).
  • Choose your campus, date and time, add your contact details and click on the Book Room/Study Pod button
  • Choose an available room or pod and click the Book Room/Study Pod button. Check availability at Cambridge or Chelmsford
  • We will then send an email to confirm your booking
  • For with help booking please contact us

To check availability right now please use the Quick Booking page

You can view/delete current bookings as well as see past bookings in your study space account area.

You can also delete bookings by clicking on the "Delete Booking" link from the confirmation email you receive.
  • Some rooms contain computers or DVD playback equipment – please check the details for the room on the website before booking.
  • Some rooms have whiteboards, please bring your own marker pens.
  • The cubby in the center of the study pod table has connections to display the image and sound from your laptop onto the large screen.
  • There are headphone sockets around the edges of the study pod table for sound, please bring your own headphones.
  • Rooms/pods are available on a first-come-first-served basis for individual or group work.
  • You can book for a two hour session per day (four at weekends), up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • You can have up to 6 sessions in any two-week period.
  • You can book a room or pod for immediate use if there is no prior booking at that time.
  • Please report any faults in the study rooms or study pods at the Help desk.
  • Please leave the study room or pod clear and tidy, and remember to take all your belongings with you. Unattended property may be removed.
  • Please leave promptly at the end of your booked slot.
  • Please save your work regularly. We reserve the right to log off a machine ready for the next booking.

Please Note:
  • The study rooms are not soundproofed and you cannot lock them.
  • As with the rest of the library no food is allowed in the study rooms or pods.
  • Sleeping is not allowed.
  • Rooms and pods are bookable specifically for ARU student use.
  • Damage, including graffiti, may be charged at the full cost of repairs.

Need a room/pod right now?

There are 11 study spaces available at Chelmsford at 17:00.
There are 0 study spaces available at Cambridge at 17:00

You can also book a study space for another day/time.
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