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Digitisation Service

There are temporary relaxations to the CLA limits on digitisations requests and the academic staff must get in touch with your subject librarian to discuss your request. You can read more about the temporary relaxations of limits at
The Digitisation Service can help make it easier for students to access module reading materials.

We can obtain electronic versions (PDFs) of book chapters and journal articles that the library only has in print or does not own. Digitisation is now integrated with ReadingLists@Anglia, so lecturers place digitisation requests and students access digitised extracts directly from the module reading list.

Please note that digitised extracts cannot be provided for modules delivered at Partner Institutions.

Requesting digitisation

Lecturers can submit a digitisation request by adding a bookmark for the required chapter/ article to the module reading list, clicking on 'Request digitisation' and entering the information requested. Requesters are informed by email once a digitised extract is available.

Please see our Quick Guide and Requesting Digitised Extracts Manual for further instructions.

If a chapter/ article is already available electronically via the library website, please link to it from your module reading list rather than submitting a digitisation request.


Any digitised extracts made available to students must be covered by the terms of our Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Higher Education Licence. This means that:
  • All digitised extracts must be requested from the Digitisation Service. Please do not scan items yourself or add PDFs of digitised extracts to Canvas.
  • We can only obtain digitised extracts from publications covered by our CLA Licence. Occasionally we may need to reject a request if we are not permitted to scan the publication.
  • The limit we can provide is usually one chapter from a book/ one article from a journal issue OR 10% of the total publication (whichever is greater).
  • We can only provide digitised extracts for modules delivered to students reported on ARU's annual HESA return.

For further information or advice please see the Digitisation FAQs or contact
Page Last Reviewed: 1st May 2018.