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Laptop Loans Survey

In November 2015 we contacted all of our customers who had made use of the pilot laptop loan service in Cambridge, asking about their experience. We had 67 responses, giving us some really positive feedback as well as suggestions for changes.

Your feedback What we've done
Please provide more laptops! We used your positive comments about the laptop loans service to successfully bid for funds -this means we will be installing another 24 laptops in Cambridge during semester 2!
The instructions weren't clear. We've made amendments to the signage on the lockers and amended the instructions to address the problems raised.
Why do you fine for late return? We need the laptops to come back on time so that they can be re-charged and ready for the next user - we charge a fine to encourage users to return them on time.
The loan period of three hours is not enough time. The three hour loan period is necessary so that the laptop can be re-charged. If you are using a laptop intensively e.g. watching a video, the power will not last for 4 hours.
If you return a laptop to charge it and another is available you can take that instead. We think it's a good idea to take a break after three hours work anyway.
Some of your comments:

I think that loaning out the laptops is a great idea. Sometimes my books are heavy enough and the thought of having to add my laptop into the mix is terrifying :).

It is very convenient, it saves me carrying my laptop from home and I can also do much more work than last year. It is just great! Thank you!

The laptop loan service is excellent. Really helps to get my work done as I can grab one and am guaranteed a place in the silent zone because I don't need to try and get a computer there. Please consider getting more laptops as they're becoming popular!!

It's really good service but it needs to increase the quantities. Also it saves me from back pain, I don't need to bring my heavy laptop from 3 miles by bike.

I was amazed when I found out that such a service is providing laptops for temporary use. It really has changed the way I work as now I am more confident with walking into the library, it was a bit stressful due to the fact that usually the pc's are fully occupied and I know that there will be a laptop! This is such a serious and great contribution towards our studies thank you!
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