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Charges and Fines


We charge fines for the late return of recalled items so that it does not prevent other users from accessing it. You may not borrow any more items while you have outstanding charges or overdue items on your library account.

Late return of recalled item 50p per day
Late return of loaned Laptop £2 per hour or part of an hour
The maximum fine for an individual item is £10 for each item overdue.

We may waive fines if you have mitigating reasons such as serious illness, bereavement or a family/personal crisis. The reason needs to be confirmed by your Student Advisor.

Lost or damaged items

If an item becomes overdue eventually it will be considered lost and you will be charged the replacement cost of the item. If the item is not lost, please return it promptly and the charge will be removed from your account - please contact us if it is currently difficult for you to return the item. If you lose or damage an item you will be charged for replacing that item.

Type of item When does it become lost? How much do I have to pay? How much do I pay if I return it?
Book, CD, DVD, Music Score 40 days from due date Items priced by supplier Nothing, unless it has been recalled (£10)
Laptop 24 hours from due date £828.76 £10
Temporary Access Card 3 days from due date £5 £5

You can pay fines or for lost and damaged items through your account with a debit or credit card.

Printing and copying

You are automatically allocated a printing account, which you can use to print, scan and copy items in the libraries.

Membership charges

There is a yearly charge for Alumni membership of £35 and a single payment of £5 for Reference Access. For details of how to apply see our membership page.

Interlibrary loan charges

We only charge you for lost Interlibrary loan items including when they are not returned on time.
Please take care of your interlibrary loan as the minimum replacement fee is £235.73.
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