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Library Complaints

How do we get feedback?

The University Library gathers feedback through:
  • Our enquiry service - at our helpdesks and online
  • Our Tell Us blog and the university Tell Us scheme
  • User experience (UX) research
  • Surveys - both our own and surveys like the NSS
  • Wherever we meet with students and other library users - whether in training sessions, one-to-one bookings, course meetings, university committees, etc

What do we do with this feedback?

Where it's feedback received through 'Tell Us', our Customer Services Managers check daily and either respond directly or get input from a colleague. All feedback is monitored and senior library staff will be made aware if it's of particular concern or we start noticing patterns that need to be addressed.

What if you want to make a complaint?

Please report any problems to a member of the Library team to give us the opportunity to put things right quickly, and to identify an appropriate solution. For most complaints, it's possible to reach early resolution. Usually we can resolve a complaint quickly at the first level of contact. Our staff are trained to resolve all queries as quickly as reasonably possible.

How to complain

Step 1: Contact us
Explain your complaint to the member of staff, including explaining what you would like done to resolve the complaint. You can do this in person or in an email.

Some enquiries will need to be referred to other staff and cannot be resolved immediately.

If you decide to make a complaint we will:
  • deal with your complaint quickly
  • acknowledge your correspondence within one working day
  • update you on progress if we are unable to resolve the matter immediately
  • deal with your complaint in confidence (where appropriate)

Step 2: Escalating the complaint
If you are unhappy with the way your complaint has been handled, please follow the University Student Complaints Procedure.

Check the current rules and regulations for the official university position on complaints.

The Students' Union Advice Team can provide independent, confidential advice, you can make an appointment via their website to ensure you are fully supported and aware of all the options available to you. and the Office of the Secretary and Clerk can offer advice about the complaints procedure.

* Definition: a complaint is a specific concern regarding an aspect of our provision or service that affects your learning opportunities. This includes a failure to meet our obligations or provide accurate information, our provision of the service and the quality of our resources.
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