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UX and surveys

We want to make sure our spaces and services meet your needs as best we can and we do this in lots of different ways.

One way is using UX (user experience) tools.
  • This can be by observing people in our libraries and making notes.
  • Or using white boards or noticeboards where we ask for your thoughts.
  • Or we may ask you if you're free to answer a few questions for us.

We then make changes, like allowing food on the ground floors or moving the location of our printers so they're easier to find. Find out more about changes we've made.

For many years we used the LibQUAL survey to find out about our users' views of our services, staff and spaces. We last ran this in November 2018 and we have an action plan as a result.

You can also read our earlier versions of the survey. We also carry out occasional surveys.

Last year we asked our students about our policies on borrowing books and our overdue charges - as a result we've removed most of our charges! You can read about the survey and find out about what we do now.
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