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What is Zotero?

Zotero is a free tool that lets you collect, store, organize and use your references and associated files. You can incorporate lots of different file types so that your research is all in one place. You can capture details of individual items while you are internet searching or import files of references from databases.

Download Zotero onto your own device (Windows or Mac) then sync to access your references anywhere with an internet connection. Once installed, you can create citations and reference lists using the Zotero plugin for Word.

Zotero can help you work with others by creating or joining a Zotero research group.
Free accounts give you up to 300MB of storage. If you need more storage, a subscription is needed.

We do not have institutional access to Zotero. We recommend RefWorks for research projects where you need features such as direct import from databases, flexible cite while you write, and larger scale, storage of references and files.

Getting started

Download the Zotero application.
You also need to download the browser 'Connector' to help you capture bibliographic details while you are browsing.
Create an account to access your data online from any device after synchronizing your account. If you choose not to create an account, you will only be able to access your data from the computer with your original installation.

Getting Help

The Quick Start Guide gives a good overview of Zotero features and functionality.
Zotero support is provided through a user forum. Documentation contains Frequently Asked Questions, Troubleshooting and a Knowledge Base that may help before posting a problem to the forum.
The current version of Zotero is 5.0. If you find help material online, check which version it covers.

Some points to note
Zotero offers an unofficial version of ARU Harvard Style as well as many others. Please double check any references you produce in Zotero against our current ARU Harvard to ensure accuracy.

Inactive accounts may be deleted if there has been no activity (synchronization of files for example) for ninety days. We recommend backing up your account as well as maintaining some activity.

When working as a group, you must take Copyright legislation in to account before sharing files outside ARU. Please see Section 9 of Zotero's Terms of Service.
Page Last Reviewed: 9th March 2018 by Ros Francis.