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Collecting your requested item

Most requests for journal articles are satisfied within 10 days and requests for book loans within 21 days, but it is always advisable to make your request as far as possible in advance. Some items may take longer.

Digitised copies will be sent to your ARU email account using Secure Electronic Delivery.

Photocopies will usually be posted directly to your term-time address if you are a student and sent to you in the internal post if you are a staff member. If you specify on your request form that you would prefer to pick up a photocopied item from the Library, we will email you when it is ready for collection.

Book and journal loans will be placed behind the Help desk at the Pick-up Location selected on your request form. We will email you when the items are available to collect - please remember to check the Help desk opening hours before travelling to the Library.

We will hold book and journal loans for collection until they are due to be returned to the lending library. To take full advantage of the loan period you should therefore collect your items as soon as possible.

Please note that some items (for example theses) will be loaned to us on the condition that they are not removed from the Library.

For further information or advice please contact
Page Last Reviewed: 2nd May 2017.