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Delivering articles and book pages to your computer

We normally deliver digitised articles, book pages and documents via a download link sent to your ARU email address or accessible from your library account. This download link can only be used 2 times over 30 days. After 30 days it will expire.

If supplied by the British Library, you must register for a free On Demand account with the British Library. Once you have registered, you can open the article/ chapter on any computer or device that has Adobe Reader 10 (or above). Whenever you open the document, you will need to enter your On Demand account username and password.

How digital supply from the British Library works

  1. Submit your request for the article/ book page using our interlibrary loan request form.
  2. Choose digital as the format, the British Library will send you an email containing a link to the requested document.
  3. Click on the link and select 'Step 1: Register for On Demand' on the download page.
  4. Follow the instructions on screen to complete the registration process. Please register using your ARU email address.
  5. Wait 5 minutes and then return to the download page (if necessary, you can open the download page again by clicking on the link in the email).
  6. Follow 'Step 2' and then enter your new On Demand username and password to access the document.
  7. Save/ print the document within 30 days of delivery.


  • We recommend you watch our Video Tutorials or use our Step by Step Guide to registering for an On Demand account and downloading your interlibrary loan
  • The email containing the link to your document will arrive from Sender:
  • Use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari as your browser. (If you use Google Chrome you will need to disable the PDF viewer.)
  • You can access the document on any computer/ mobile device as long as it has the PDF viewer Adobe Reader 10 (or above). This is available on most machines, including university computers but you can download it for free or from your App Store.
  • You can only access the document via the download link in the British Library email for 30 days. Please save/ print the document within the 30 days as we are not able to request the document for you again.
  • You can only try to print the document once, so make sure your printer is working first.
  • You can save the document, but you must be connected to the internet to open the saved file. You'll need to enter your On Demand account username and password to open the file. Saved documents are viewable for 3 years.

How to get help

  1. Check if your question is answered in our Help document or the British Library FAQs.
  2. If you forget your On Demand username or password, request a reminder.
  3. If you need further help accessing your document, please email
Page Last Reviewed: 28th September 2022.