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You Said We Did

We employed a User Experience Engagement Officer for an eight weeks period to design and conduct two phases of user experience (UX) research to gather information about what is of the greatest value to customers of the library and improvements that would enhance your experience using the library space and resources.

We would like to thank all those who took the time to engage and provide feedback. Your input has been crucial in aiding ARU library's effort to enhance its services and meet the needs of the university community.

YOU SAID you value the friendly and helpful disposition of the library staff.

WE are glad you appreciate the work the library team is doing to ensure you have a seamless and problem free experience while you strive to achieve your goals.

YOU SAID you value the wide range of physical and digital resources provided by the library.

WE are happy to hear that the resources we provide are useful to you on your academic and personal journey with us.

YOU SAID you value how clean, quiet, and accessible the library is.

WE are delighted that you appreciate our efforts to ensure that the library is a welcoming and conducive environment for you.

YOU SAID you experience difficulties with topping up your cards to use the library printer and the process of printing. You said you would want to have borrowed laptops for a longer time and cables for connecting your laptops to the monitors/screens.

WE have directed all IT related requests to our colleagues in IT and we are confident that they will work towards making improvements in these identified areas.

YOU SAID the interface of the library website is a complex and difficult to navigate.

WE have plans to change the interface of the library website in the coming years to make it simpler and easier to use. This is the start of the conversation, and we intend to have further conversations with you to see what might work best.

YOU SAID you have trouble trying to find material/resources on the library website.

WE have forwarded this to the subject librarian team who are working to come up with useful tips and updates for you.

YOU SAID you would prefer longer opening hours.

WE are currently reviewing this request and looking for the best way to provide you with all the support you need to study.

YOU SAID some of the study areas are without sockets for charging your devices.

WE are working towards getting this in place within the next academic year.

YOU SAID you wanted to know for sure when borrowing a book, what floor the book is on.

WE have signage up on the stairwell and in the lift that show what floor you can find your book of interest according to the number. The signage will be updated every time we have to move books and resources around.

YOU SAID we should investigate using sound detectors on the quiet floors.

WE will investigate this in the coming academic year.

YOU SAID can we have study supplies like white board pens in the study areas.

WE will provide them in study rooms and replace them as they run out.

YOU SAID why your belongings are monitored by security when you go out of the library and leave them unattended for a while.

WE are committed to safety and security, but aren't able to take responsibility for your personal effects (bags, laptops, phones, etc.). To help avoid disappointment due to lost unattended items, we may remind you of your responsibility in keeping personal effects safe by always having them with you when you move around.

YOU SAID can we have more study pods and a booking system for the pods.

WE will be putting in a bid in the coming year for more study spaces of this kind. We may conduct further research to see if you would prefer to book for these spaces or have access to them on a first come first serve basis.

YOU SAID you would like to be informed about new services and resources in the library with 50 percent of you saying by EMAIL.

WE are looking to develop an email sign-up service for information from the library so that you only get these messages if you want to receive them.

YOU SAID you would also like to be informed about new services and resources in the library by social media platforms and posters around campus.

WE will continue to use social media and posters for promotional work.
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