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Changes You've Made 2017-2018

It's easy to get lost in everyday detail and forget what we have achieved. Looking through the actions below, we are grateful to our customers and staff who prompt changes which make improvements for all our library users.

Laptop loans

The popularity of our self-service laptop loans in our Cambridge and Chelmsford libraries demonstrated to us we needed clearer signs to help customers use them and return them so they charge for the next user. We did some customer observations to help gain data to help us see where the sticking points were and as a result clarified some of the notices on the machines.

Study space booking

Silent study space is in high demand from our library users, especially in Cambridge. Last year we piloted a booking system so that you can reserve silent study space, guaranteeing a quiet place to work in when you need it. This has proved popular in Cambridge where space is always an issue and is now available throughout the year.


Our text-a-talker service is very well used (365 texts last year!) and we now advertise the numbers online and promote at particularly busy periods to raise awareness so our library users can help us keep the Library spaces quiet.

Problems with online resources

After a year of our new service, where you can report a problem with an online resource, we have lots of useful data. We now need to dig a bit deeper so are coming up with some ideas to interview students and carry out some observations too to deepen our understanding.


We have installed some noise dampening measures in some of our study rooms at Cambridge and Chelmsford as a result of comments about the noise from these rooms.


In the recent National Student Survey at Anglia Ruskin and in Module Evaluation Surveys we had comments regarding the lack of resources. We have drawn up action plans in which we examine in detail our resources to support the curriculum and research. We have also earmarked some funds to support this. Our previous work in this area worked very well and we saw reduced numbers of complaints as a result of targeted interventions.

Information Boards

As a result of comments regarding lack of ventilation, and temperature extremes, our Estates Department have put together some Information boards on our Cambridge site. They outline how customers can adjust systems to help themselves.
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