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Changes You've Made 2018-2019

Over the last academic year (2018-19) we made quite a few changes to our services as a result of your feedback:

Fewer fines

We changed our borrowing policy in September after asking for your views. As a result we increased the number of items you can borrow at once, ensured you always have a book for a week before needing to return it, removed fines from all loans unless they've been recalled (or it's a late laptop loan), and removed admin charges for lost books.

Core textbooks

We've been working on a new system that provides all first year undergraduates with an ebook of the core text for each module, provided through Canvas. This means all students will have access to essential reading whenever they need it.

Extra study spaces

We created extra study rooms in both Cambridge and Chelmsford by moving our staff into different spaces - we have 25% more bookable group study rooms in Cambridge now.

Different chairs

Preferences change over time, and based on your views and what we observed people doing in in our libraries, we've purchased more of the more popular chairs ready for the coming academic year.

Food and drink pilot

We've had more and more of you telling us that you want to be able to eat snacks in our libraries. At the same time quite a few library users still want food-free space - so our pilot allowed you to eat cold snacks on the ground floor only at Cambridge and Chelmsford - this has now (November 2019) been made a permanent change.
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