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Open QuoteAnonymous feedback submitted week beg. 28 June 2021
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Open QuoteI feel that many of us are quite disappointed about the new rule regarding the opening times of individual study spaces on the ground floor. I am aware that many students were not following the 'one person per room' rule which is why the rule was introduced, but this is not fair to all the other students who were adhering to the rule and using the space to study. Many like myself prefer to head to the library in the evenings after lectures and use the quiet space to get some work done, but now this is not possible as the rooms are not available from 5pm onwards. Unfortunately floors 1, 2 and 3 are never quiet, and therefore many of us prefer the individual study rooms downstairs.
I really hope that you can make some changes to keep the individual study rooms open all day. Perhaps More >>
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Open QuoteMyself and colleague was treated unfairly today in the library, we were on 1st floor social distancing with masks on but a librarian came along as i had taken my glasses off and took a breath with my mask slightly underneath my nose, i did explain this and was treated like i had done something wrong! Then the librarian said we had been reported for talking, we cannot go into a pod or sit at different desks while trying to discuss assignments! But in the main building there were parents and children not sanitising their hands. On the desks where we were , a colleague left some books last Thursday and tbey had only been picked up we were there ! A week later and we are told about a mask ! It made my colleague and myself so uncomfortable and annoyed we left the library. We have had classes More >>
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