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Open QuoteOpen the library for 24 hours please. I need to pass. Thank you.
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Open QuoteThe level of Noise allowed in the library is ludicrous. It may as well be a bar with music playing. Not the type of place to make studying easy.
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Open QuoteLibrary online access to databases in awful, and often going through Google, etc. gives better access. This is poor considering the fees being demanded.
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Open QuoteIt would be beneficial for zones to be stated on each floor (A, B, C, etc.), so it is easy to identify a zone is- especially for text a talker; once the zone is identified, this makes it easier for the noise complaints to be dealt with by staff.

It would be nice to have disinfecting wipes available so desk surfaces and keyboards can be wiped down especially since this is dissertation and final exam season; this can help the prevention of germs spreading around making students sick.

The top floor of the library is extremely hot and stuffy; if fans can be provided esp for exam season, this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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