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Open QuoteDear library feedback,

I am emailing to query whether all the emails associated with library booking will begin with the username black hole as the name is quite "dark". As a result I have accidentally thought that emails from this address contain a virus and would like to know if Anglia Ruskin would look into a different username.
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Open QuoteCabinet ran out of laptops- needed to complete work. No desktop PC's available on ground floor.
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Open QuoteI think in theory, the concept of allowing sensible food in the library is a good idea. It's very convenient to be able to eat whilst getting work done. However, I do feel that allowing this requires harsher monitoring of this rule. Following from this pilot, I have noticed that the condition of the ground floor has drastically changed. It's very messy, people are leaving behind their rubbish, food is being stamped into the carpet. Sometimes it is in quite an appauling state. I recently reserved a study room on the ground floor, and the mess was absolutely excessive. The floor was covered all over with squashed food, crisps, and wrappers. This was first thing in the morning also, and unless students were in there before 08:00 that morning, it's questionable whether the cleaners had More >>
 - Olivia 21/11/2019
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Open QuoteWould it be possible to have some standing workstation trialled in the Chelmsford library? I'm a medical student and I do spend a fair amount of time in the library and it would be great to have the option to stand/ sit at a workstation and work. There have been some studies suggesting that stand up workstations increase productivity (link:

Many thanks and it would be lovely to hear updates regarding this matter.
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Open QuoteI'd like to reserve a title at ARU Cambridge that I am told is currently in stock and not on loan BUT I am told I am not able to do this and I am expected to come and collect the book personally. I am told the only way to reserve it is if it is taken out or elsewhere.

My question is - suppose I drive all the way from the other side of the country to pick up this book and someone else takes it out minutes before I get to the library??

I've never heard such a ridiculous system - this is not the way any other library I've used operates. The title is reserved whether it's at the library I wish to collect it at or not.

As is stands, the fact I could feasibly request it to go to a different campus, then NOT pick it up there, only to request it's More >>
 - jamie 05/11/2019
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Open Quoteare the staff working within the library know that it is a library? They always have conversations amongst themselves very loudly, it is rather distracting and inconsiderate as people are trying to research and write up essays and dissertations etc.
it would be nice if they respected the quiet rule also as students respect it.

Thank you
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Open QuoteAt the Peterborough Guild House library we have only recently been told by a staff member that we are not allowed to eat in the library. I have been a student for 2 years now and have eaten in plain sight every time I've been here and never had any problems with staff telling me not to. There was a recent vote via a cardboard box in the library on whether food should be allowed and apparently the feedback was that it wasn't wanted. However wouldn't this has been much better as an online poll as it would have opened it up to many more people?? I think its very unfair that we cannot eat even cold foods specially when we are having a heavy study day and are not able to keep trekking up about 3 flights of stairs to the social area/café every time I want even a snack. Also as a UCP student I More >>
 - Lauren 23/09/2019
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