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About Us

You can find out all about our library service, our strategy and standards, and how you can get involved in this section, including giving us your feedback or becoming a library STAR. If you can't find what you need, just contact us.

Our Senior Management Team

Libby Homer, University Librarian
Libby provides strategic direction and leadership for the University Library, ensuring that all users receive excellent quality services across all sites. As a member of the Corporate Management Team she plays an active role in the development and achievement of University policy., 01245 683763
Margaret March, Assistant Director: Academic and Content Services
Margaret leads our teams across academic services and content services in delivering high quality academic liaison and research support, acquiring and managing print and online collections, and providing a comprehensive range of information and digital skills training to support our staff and students., 01245 684644
Hannah Fogg, Assistant Director: Customer Services
Hannah leads our customer services team in delivering outstanding frontline support to all our service users in person and remotely, providing a range of learning spaces across our three campus libraries, and carrying out activities focusing on user experience, engagement and innovation., 01223 698310

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