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Library Ebook Access

Performance Indicator

"Each library user will access the e-books we provide more than 120 times a year".


Target RatingActual Rating


How we measure this

We divide the number of times ebooks have been accessed by the number of active library users.

How often we measure this

These figures are updated annually, just after the end of the academic year, and cover the period 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2019.


The Library aims to support remote learning. This figure shows that our e-book collection facilitates inclusive access to a wide range of titles across subject disciplines for students at all campuses, including degree apprentices, distance learners, commuter students, those on placements and students with disabilities. In this way we have been able to support students during the Covid-19 lockdown and blended approach to active unified learning and teaching. We will continue to invest in e-book collections to support learning and teaching, working proactively with suppliers.
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