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Answering of email enquiries

Performance Indicator

"We'll resolve or refer all email enquiries within three business days".


Target RatingActual Rating


How we measure this

We examined the enquiries we receiveed over the last 12 months and analysed the response times.

How often we measure this

These figures are updated annually, and cover the period 30th June 2019 - 1st July 2020.


Our KPI is "We'll resolve or refer all email enquiries within three business days" so we only had 1 enquiry that did not meet this KPI meaning we achieved 99.99%.

We try to answer all enquiries within one working day. Only 13 were actually not replied by the end of the next working day. Of these 13 enquiries - 9 enquiries were replied to within 2 working days, 3 in 3 working days and 1 in 4 working days.

  1. 3 enquiries involved a referral but the customer should have been informed of this delay to their answer in an initial reply
  2. 5 late replies have highlighted a training need for a member of staff
  3. The longest delay was due to staff error as the question was closed without being answered but this was error was caught in the weekly review by supervisors of all enquiries sent. Validating the need for the supervisors to review enquiries

The 451 enquiries were analysed that went over 1 day to find the true turnaround figure:

  1. 62 Membership applications can take longer to process and our website states "take a week to produce or may take longer at busier periods during the academic year"
  2. 342 enquiries were taken at weekends and vacations but the system does not allow for non-working days so were listed as over 1 working day in the table
  3. 34 enquiries were dealt within 1 working day but took over 24 hours later e.g. arrived at 10.00 and answered at 14.00 next day as over 1 day

In 2018/19 7 enquiries were not actually replied to within one working day.

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