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Chelmsford Queen's building works

14 February 2024

Scaffolding, solar panels, Wi-Fi upgrade and replacement of Fire Alarm system

ARU Estates sustainability, maintenance and ITS networks colleagues are upgrading systems for the Queen's building.

Networks Team Wireless upgrade for the Queens Library is anticipated to start on 26 February. We are looking forward to the improvement in service this will bring.

ARU Re:fit Project, is a three-phase project to undertake various energy conservation measures across the University’s estate to reduce energy consumption and carbon production, and work towards the target of being carbon zero by 2045.

As part of the second phase of works, solar PV panels are being installed on the roofs of various buildings at both the Chelmsford and Cambridge Campuses, including Queens.

The estimate is that the 207 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to be installed on the roof of Queens will generate approximately 9.1% of the total annual electricity demand from the building and will therefore reduce ARU’s total electricity consumption costs by more than £21,000 each year.

It has also been calculated that 38,319 kg / year of CO2 will not be produced because of the power generated by the solar PV panels. They expect that the scaffolding will be removed by Friday, 8 March 2024. Carbon reduction investments - ARU

Photo Of ARU Chelmsford Queens build roof with new solar panels

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