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We Miss You

27 May 2020

Topics: Feedback Library help

Help us write our KPIs

20 December 2019

Topics: Feedback

Snacks whilst you study (ground floor only)

22 November 2019

Topics: Feedback Wellbeing

NEW policy on food in the library.

01 November 2019

Topics: Feedback

Food pilot extended

25 September 2019

Topics: Feedback

Pilot: Food to be permitted in limited areas of the library

08 July 2019

Topics: Feedback

New Website Navigation

21 May 2019

Topics: Feedback

Food for Thought...

Should food be allowed in our Chelmsford library?

11 March 2019

Topics: Feedback

University Library survey running throughout November

01 November 2018

Topics: Feedback

Feeling the Library love (or not) for Valentine's Day

08 March 2018

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World Book Day

Staff and students tell us all about their favourite reads!

02 March 2018

Topics: Feedback

Feedback Fortnight Follow-Up

We asked you how we're doing and this is what you told us

21 February 2018

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Library STARS:

Students Transforming Anglia Ruskin Services

14 November 2017

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Feedback Fortnight:

Let us know how we're doing

10 November 2017

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