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Earth Day - Monday 22nd April

22 April 2024

Sustainability and ARU

Earth Day plays a vital part in raising awareness of environmental issues.
ARU has pledged to ingrain sustainability into every facet of our research, education, and operations, aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals
How many of these sustainability initiatives within ARU are you aware of?

ARU Green

ARU Green is an online platform that promotes sustainability and rewards you with prizes and donations to charity.

ARU Green logo

Book Rescuers

The Book Rescuers take our withdrawn books and sell them with a percentage going to charity. Books that are not sold are donated to charity or recycled, with nothing going to landfill.
Our withdrawn books sold between 01/11/23 and 31/01/24 raised funds for new resources and contributed toward over £19,300 raised for charity.

Waste and recycling

We do not send any waste materials to landfill sites – all our waste is either reused, recycled, or used to create ‘refuse derived fuel’.
It costs us at least half as much to recycle. Please help us meet our target of recycling at least 60% of our waste by using the bins correctly.

Information about bins at ARU

Biodiversity Trails

Take a walk following our biodiversity trails in Cambridge and Chelmsford, and submit a wildlife sighting on ARUgreen if you spot something interesting:

Solar Panels

The library solar panels recently installed on the Chelmsford library roof are estimated to save £21,000 and 38,319 kg of CO2 per year.

ARU Green Society Fund

Societies that meet sustainability criteria can apply for additional funding provided by the ARU Sustainability team through the ARU Green Society Fund.

Fossil fuel free investments

ARU signed the Fossil Fuel Declaration in 2018, a partnership between the National Union of Students and People & Planet. By signing the declaration we declare that we have no investments in extractor fossil fuel companies and pledge to remain fossil free in the future.

Are there any sustainability related actions or improvements you would like to suggest we take?

Contact us and let us know.

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