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Mental Health Awareness Week

15 May 2023

You’re not alone – find support from your library and ARU

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week and the theme this year is anxiety. We’ve put together some information to help you manage stress and improve your wellbeing while you’re studying. Look out for displays in our libraries this week.

Support from Library staff

Library staff are here to help, so speak to us at the Library Help Desk if you’re on campus. If you’re studying at home you can get contact us via email, online chat or by calling us on 01245 686555

If you need help with finding and using resources for your studies, your subject librarians are here to support you. They can look at your search strategies, suggest useful resources, go through advanced searching techniques and offer advice on managing your references. Book a 30 minute appointment online.

Library resources to support your wellbeing

We’ve created a new collection of books and e-books to support your wellbeing and life as a student. You’ll find cookery ideas, help with living on a budget and books on staying well and keeping safe.

Wellbeing Collection in Wellbeing Space in Chelmsford Library

If you need to take a break from busy study areas while you’re studying in the library, you’ll find our Wellbeing Space on the first floor in our Chelmsford Campus and our Wellbeing Wall on the first floor next to the lift in our Cambridge Campus. These spaces are quiet areas for you to take time out for yourself and to find information to support your wellbeing.

Wellbeing Space in Chelmsford Library

Read to relax – as well as books for your course the library also has a range of classics from Shakespeare and Austen to more modern reading like Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy. If it’s not available at your campus you can request a copy to be sent to your campus library, just search and request on the library website

Take some time to look at the Library Health & Wellbeing Guide and discover ideas for keeping your mind and body well throughout your studies.

Finding support at ARU

ARU Health & Wellbeing pages are full of useful resources to help you focus on your wellbeing and find the support you need.

Studying and doing assessments can be stressful but you’re not alone, support is available to you at ARU during the assessment period.

ARU has invested in some fantastic online apps and programmes, giving you the ability to work on improving your wellbeing at your own pace and in your own time so take some time to discover ARU’s digital wellbeing support




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