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Open Access at ARU 

21 April 2020

Discovering Open Access content

Open Access is the free and open online sharing of academic research outputs such as journal articles and book chapters. The principle behind open access is that publicly funded research should be freely available to all without paywalls or other barriers. In this blog post we’ve outlined a few useful resources to help you discover Open Access content.   


ARRO (Anglia Ruskin Research Online) is ARU’s online repository. It contains over 3,000 full-text papers written by ARU researchers, which you can download and read for free.

To get started, visit and search by author name or browse by faculty. 

Most universities host similar online repositories. The OpenDOAR website ( provides links to over 300 institutional and disciplinary repositories in the UK. CORE (COnnecting REpositories aggregates the full text content of many of these repositories, allowing you to search and read in one place.


Library Resources 

Open Access content is also discoverable through our library catalogue. In Library Search ( you can click the 'Open Access' filter (under 'Availability', on the right hand side of the search results) to only show freely available material. 


Open Access Journals  

There are various academic journals which are fully Open Access. Popular directories which you can use to search for these journals include the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) (

and SciELO ( Wikipedia has a list of open access journals by subject: 


In addition, lots of academic publishers and databases that aren’t fully Open Access still have sections and search systems on their platforms for finding Open Access content, for example:  


Open Access Books:

The Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) ( is a useful discovery service for Open Access books across a wide range of subjects. All publishers listed in DOAB are screened for their peer review procedures and licensing policies. You can browse by title, subject, ISBN or publisher.


Open access Tools:

Unpaywall (

If you find a research paper you want to read, but don’t have access to it, this handy browser plug-in will search for an Open Access version elsewhere on the web. Unpaywall is pre-installed on Google Chrome if you’re on campus or using the remote desktop, but it’s quick and easy to install on your personal device as well. 

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