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New year, new catalogue

15 September 2017

Catalogue searching just got better

Our online catalogue has been working hard for us over the past few years and we felt it was time to reward it with an upgrade so you’ll notice a few things have changed over the summer. We haven’t changed any of the content so you’ll still be able to find all the things you used to use but it just looks a little different and we feel it works much easier.

So what are the biggest changes?

1. The filters are now on the right!

The first thing you’ll notice (after the flashy new appearance) is that the filters have swapped sides. You can still narrow your results by books, articles, topics, date range, and much more just like before but now you’ll find them on the right hand side of the screen instead. Just scroll down to see the full range available and click on the ones you want.

2. Icons make things easier

The new catalogue is a lot nicer to look at and that’s mainly thanks to the attractive new icons. These make it even easier for you to save the details of useful books, articles and resources that you don’t want to lose.

3. Pin your favourite resources

Make it even easier to find the books you use a lot or create a collection of useful resources on a topic by pinning them in your favourites. Just log in and click the pin icon to save for future use and keep them organised by adding labels.

4. New account overview

Log in to your account to see a quick overview of everything you currently have out on loan and when they’re due back, your requested items, and whether you have any outstanding fines.

5. Quick access to online material

There’s no need to open lots of different boxes in the new catalogue to open an e-resource. Just click on the blue link under “Find Online” and log in to read your item.

If you would like any further help with using the new catalogue please use our Getting Started Guide or feel free to Contact Us if you'd prefer to ask us a question.


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