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Temporary changes to the Queen's building Library for 15 weeks from 5th October

29 September 2020

The hoardings are going up from 5th October as work starts on the exciting new student centre on the ground floor of Queen's building.

How do I get into the library?

The entrance to the Library will temporarily be via a fire exit door on the MAB side of the Queen's building.
The one way system in place means the stairs on the entrance side are for going UP and access to the lift only for those who need it.
The stairs on the Sawyers side of the building are for going DOWN and exit only.
Please exit the building via the fire exit door on the Sawyers side of the building.

Where do I borrow?

Please remember to borrow using the self-service machine on the first floor before leaving the building.

Where do I pick up my request?

You can pick up your requests on the first floor.

Can I browse and find a book myself?

YES, please feel free! You will get the item more quickly if you can browse and borrow.

Can I still return books at the outside book drop?

YES! Or use the self-service returns machine on the first floor.

What if the book I want isn't on the shelf?

Just use the request link for the item after you search online in Library Search, we'll email you when it's ready to pick up.

Can I still come in and study?

YES! Distanced study spaces are clearly marked.

What if it's noisy when the building works are on?

You may want to come at at times of the day when there is less noise or use a free classroom instead.

Remember we also have resources and help online for you too!
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