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'Tis the season to write some essays!

30 November 2020

Surviving deadline season with ARU Library

We know the December deadlines are approaching so we’ve put together some information to help you #StudyWell! We hope these resources and tips give you some ideas of how to manage your workload, reduce stress, and improve your wellbeing. 

Remember, your library is here for you 

We are here to support you, so please ask us for help if you have any questions and make use of the information available on our website 24/7.  


We always recommend you check your references against the online guides on the library website even if you use software to generate your lists: 

If you have been using RefWorks to store your references and are unsure how to export your reference list in to your work, this handy video explains the process: Creating a bibliography in Refworks  

Prone to procrastination? Try these tips

  • Change your environment – find a study location that suits you. 

  • Break down the big things – smaller chunks make it more manageable. 

  • Make a study plan and establish a routine. This also helps if you’re preparing for an exam! 

  • Set time limits and reward yourself for completing tasks. 

  • Start now – momentum is important. Even starting little could motivate you to tackle the bigger things. 

Deadline Time - Top tips


  • Make sure you know how to log in to Turnitin before your deadline! – try doing this a few days before your due date. You’ll need to sign in with your full student email address! 

  • Double check your work before you upload it to make sure you haven’t missed anything. 

  • Leave plenty of time to upload your work to avoid any technical issues. 

  • Click on the ‘Turnitin’ logo on MyAnglia to find information and instructions about how to submit your work. You will also find a link to how to get further help. 

IT Tips 

  • Always back your work up regularly and take advantage of the storage space you have available on OneDrive and in your H Drive.

  • Invest in a good quality memory stick and look after it. Remember to work on the computer and save back to the memory stick, not the other way round. 

  • Have a look at the IT Skills guide we have, it might give you some tips to improve your IT skills:

  • If you need IT help, just call 01245 684357 or email at

Most importantly – please take care of yourself 

This year more than ever it’s vital that you look after yourself and acknowledge when you might need a little help. 

  • Find a healthy balance between studying and relaxing. Creating a study plan can help you take regular breaks, go for a walk and spend some of your time relaxing.  

  • Study with friends, even if it is just online, so you don’t feel like you’re doing it all alone.  

  • Energy drinks can only do so much – take regular breaks and eat well to keep your brain active. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. 

  • Don’t skip breakfast – eating a nutritional breakfast can improve daily and long-term academic performance. 

  • Drink plenty of water – you need to keep yourself hydrated. 

  • We have a Health and Wellbeing guide that could provide some helpful tips on how to improve your wellbeing:  

  • The University has a variety of resources to help you deal with the stress you might be feeling: 

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