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Feeling the Library love (or not) for Valentine's Day

08 March 2018

In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, we ran a Love Letters/Break-up Letters Competition and created themed displays across our libraries. We asked our library users to think of something about the library (a service, the stock, the space) that they love or want to break up with, and then to write a letter to it.

Cambridge and Chelmsford

Display of love letters at Cambridge library

Cambridge Library asked students how they felt: ‘Love me? or Love me not?’, and Chelmsford Library asked “Are you loving the library…or ready to break up?”

We received over 80 responses in total: a combination of love letters, break up letters and comments. We loved that many of the letters contained useful suggestions for the library.

Display of love letters at Chelmsford library

Letters were written to the library DVD collection, laptop loans, opening hours, study rooms, library loans, silent study spaces, the interior design book section and the water dispenser.

Two winners from each site were picked from the eligible entries and they were awarded a £10 Amazon voucher each as their prize.

The results of this competition have given the Library great feedback about our users’ experiences.

At Chelmsford, love and break-up themed displays of poetry and books were also displayed on the first, second and third floors of the library.

Display of love poems and Valentines themed books at Chelmsford


Peterborough also celebrated Valentine’s Day with a love or hate letter competition and a themed display.

Display of love letters at Peterborough library

The display featured titles such as “Aliens love underpants”, “Cardiac care” and “The Heart Speaks”, and proved popular with students and staff alike, a number of whom borrowed books from the display to read in their leisure time. So much so that we ran out of valentine’s themed books for the display by the end of the week.

Thank you to everyone who wrote us a letter, we really enjoyed reading them and we'll let you know what we do with the useful feedback.

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