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Super Study Tips for Students

14 May 2019

Celebrating World Stationery Day 2019

To celebrate World Stationery Day (because who doesn't love stationery?) we ran a giveaway via our Twitter page - @ARULibrary - and asked you to share your favourite study tips.

We received great study tips from both students and staff that were so good we didn’t want anyone to miss out, so here are the amazing study tips you sent us:

A photo of a group of students studying together in the library

  • Writing is all about re-writing and re-writing. Don't attempt to write the perfect essay on the first draft - @SeifuSelale
  • Rehearsing is the best way to learn lines but when doing an essay using your theoretical knowledge and books to help reference your essay and give the essay depth to show your knowledge about certain theatrical topics - @emmieandmike
  • Record yourself reading key points from your notes - makes them much easier to remember! - @_katelightfoot
  • Highlight what seems for difficult, make a plan to study it for at least 1 hour daily, eventually it becomes easier or more understandable - @mz_lohlz
  • Embrace serendipity and browse the shelves of the appropriate section of the library. This is more likely to push thinking further than Google, ProjectMuse or JSTOR results at this stage of revision - @Eugene_Giddens
  • I prefer to write up my notes first and then type them up into neater documents which are then searchable by key word - @Lily21463866
  • We like 5 minute dance parties to get your excess energy out and take a break from screen time. We also like film soundtracks with no words to be tempted to sing along to while studying. Accessing support is our fave tip though! - @AdviceARUSU
  • Be sure to take breaks away from your work and get a change of scenery to refresh yourself when you go back to your work so you don't end up cross-eyed from staring at a screen for so long! - @ARUAlumni
  • We find that coffee really helps! - @Anglia_Media
  • Setting yourself mini deadlines throughout the day and rewarding yourself with leftover Easter chocolate - @JaackLilley
  • Listen to music you don't like for noise so you focus harder on your work to ignore it - @ChellseyMerika
  • Print out the essay or work submission and read through it on paper, mistakes become more visible on a physical copy - @MacksLaura
  • Figure out when your best time is to study and then make a timetable!!! - @HELSKREED
  • Rewarding yourself with something fun when you hit a study milestone. My fav is a nice wine and yummy chocolate! - @meghanluvsbooks
  • Regular tea breaks and find good study buddies who will make you work - @haha_miller98
  • Leaving your phone in another room whilst studying so you don’t get distracted - @ellenhugall

Thank you to everyone who joined in and we hope our lucky prize draw winners are enjoying their new ARU Library stationary bundles.

A photo of an ARU Library tote bag with some pens, pencils, stick notes, a squeezy rhino, a smiley badge and a Harvard mini guide.

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