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Our books take a Bath!

19 February 2020

"The library of the future" is an art installation in the library at Cambridge

The library of the future is a site-specific art installation in the library at Anglia Ruskin University.This work imagines a future where Cambridge is only 1m above sea level.

Our 'new normal' is being woken by sirens warning us of high tides and living in a city regularly inundated with flood water. As part of this project, we are trialling an unusual method of flood proofing used by the Liberia Acqua Alta in Venice. A selection of Climate Change books have been moved for safe keeping to a bath on the ground floor.

If you search for a book that has been removed for safe keeping, the Library Search result will indicate the book is "In the Bath".

Each floor of the library has a poster stating the height above sea level and it's risk of flooding.